TOMB 3 – Collodi – Finished?!

Hello and welcome to another update for the 3rd month of TOMB. If you have read my earlier posts you will know that I accepted a challenge put forth to the Malifaux community to paint $60 dollars of models in the first month, followed by $25 thereafter until you’ve bought all the Malifaux….or until your plastic habit required medical assistance….whichever comes first.

You may also know that I picked the Master of Puppets box set for Neverborn. On paper i’d not been impressed with the final 2 Neverborn masters to elude me (Collodi and Lucius) but I do like the Collodi models and everytime I think of him I sing Metallica’s Master of Puppets track…this is what’s known in the industry as win/win.

Having 9 models to paint in month 1 would be a challenge as my normal rate of painting is 1-2 models a month however I would give this my very best shot. Well, here I am on the 26th of the month and i’m spent. It’s been quite a tough challenge so far however having “broken the back” of it, i’m looking forward to painting just the 2 models next month…more on that to follow.

So, without further ado and no more gilding of the lily, here they are. I hope you like them and I’d welcome some feedback.

Full Crew

Full Crew





Wicked Dolls

Wicked Dolls



So, that’s me done for month 1. Okay, I have 5 days left to try and get the Brutal Effigy done. Maybe I will. Maybe i’ll roll him to next month which will then still only mean 2 models next month. My choice next month is Nekima who coming in at a whipping $25 means her and the effigy will bring me within $1 of my budgeted spend to date. In fact, I like that plan.

My next update is likely to be a battle report for Collodi at 35-40 stones against Zac again and let’s hope all this painting brings me a touch more fortune.

Until next time…..


TOMB – Month 1 Update – Slippy Slidey Vasilisa

So, we are now 2/3rds of the way through this first month challenge of painting $60 dollars (as valued in the Wyrd store) worth of models in the form of a new crew set. I chose Collodi and am making fair progress. Bases are done, Collodi is done and 3 Wicked Dolls are done. I’ve also base coated Vasilisa and 4 Marionettes so I think i’m going to get this done….must…remain…focussed…..*boom*

I’m not going to spoil you with pictures just yet but i did want to give a little feedback on a small game I played last night with my good buddy, Zac.

Zac will only play with painted models. Period. He is painting a Mei Feng crew with a Dawn Serpent thrown in for good measure. Kang, two Rail Worker’s and the Dawn Serpent are all finished so as the ladies were out, we had a 20ss Henchmen led game (not I do not have quite the same issues playing unpainted).

I took Vasilisa, 3 Wicked Dolls and a Brutal Effigy who may or may not make the first month TOMB but I included him anyway. As I had 4 SS left to spend, I spent 1 on Fears Given Form and the other on On Wings of Darkness. 2 Extra Stones and Vasilisa had a cache of 6.

We flipped turf war, protect territory, plant evidence, murder protege and bodyguard.

So, Kang and his construct hating crew were coming to get me. After placing mini’s ready to go, I called Zacs schemes which given the options were obvious of Bodyguard on the Dawn Serpent and Murder Protege on any one of my 4ss minion models. Needing to avoid killing I opted for protect territory and plant evidence.

I’m not actually going to bog you down with the niceties of the game but it ended up 9-4 in Zacs favour. Kang giving out +’s against constructs within 6 inches and rail workers being able to drop a card to get +’s on attack and damage meant I was really in trouble from the moment Zac rang the doorbell.

My choices were right. I could have avoided conflict a little better than I did but given the Dawn Serpent’s movement it’d have come for me eventually.

What I am going to wax lyrical about however is the movement of Vasilisa. She is probably the quickest model I’ve seen in the game. When a friendly model within 3 drops a scheme marker she can move 4 inches. This is immense. She can also give, for a 0 action, a friendly puppet a 1 action (drop a scheme marker perhaps) meaning with correct placement it’s very easy to have Vasilisa on the half way line in the first turn BEFORE SHE HAS ACTIVATED…..this is simply huge. Really. So many schemes rely on getting to the half way and interacting and she can do it, and pull a puppet up with her via upgrade. Seeing her do it on the table has left me hugely impressed with movement ability and i’m certainly looking forward to using her with, perhaps, Coryphee. Maybe my month 2 purchases are a no-brainer.

Medium term, as Zac is one of my regular buddies, it’s going to me a challenge giving what his crew does, but hopefully this will be a really good learning curve for me. Avoiding, blocking etc will all HAVE to become a bigger part of my strategy with Collodi. Hopefully it will round me out as a better player picking a different master. We can but wait and see.

Hopefully my next post will include a fully painted Collodi box set. Maybe a Brutal Effigy for good measure.

Until next time……

TOMB – 3 Tale of Malifaux Bloggers

“So young warrior, you want to paint a crew box of models in a month hey? And what is this extra snippet of information…’ve never painted more than 2 models in one month…..why then do you want to undertake such a challenge?”

*shrugs shoulders*

“I do not know, Master”

“Hmm, it seems like you are already destined to fail”

“Perhaps, Master. But I do feel it is within my grasp, if only I but try”

“do, or do not….there is no try.”

Okay, seminal film plagiarism aside and in all seriousness the Malifaux community has in the past opened it’s doors to a challenge which involves 3-4 months worth of painting a new crew, playing with said crew and blogging about the experience. For those that know me i’ve not actually painted a crew. Okay, this isn’t entirely true. I painted a Misaki Ten Thunders crew for a tourney. Came last. Sold it. My current models are Neverborn and aside from a metal Doppelganger i’ve paid for the privilege of someone else painting them for me.

Now, I don’t want to brag, but I can paint. I’m no golden daemon winning standard, but i’m fair. heck, i’d even say i’m not bad. My problem lies in actually finishing models and painting more than 1 a month. So, why do I want to undertake such a seemingly silly challenge (for me, it’s actually a great challenge). Well, because it’s there. Because I know I can do it, I just need to give it a whirl. And not least because Zac who has painted all my other models refuses to do anymore. To be fair, he has produced some lovely tabletop models but it has come at the expense of him finishing his own.

I have two crews left to round out my Neverborn faction and neither has really taken me in their gaming styles. These being both Lucius and Collodi. I do however love the Collodi artwork and I do want to paint him so my month 1 starts with the Collodi Master of Puppets box sets. Master of Puppets, you’re pulling my strings…..

With a $60 budget month one I may either add in a brutal effigy or simply carry it over. This will depend how I get on. Still, we are 11 days in and so far i’ve made some bases for my crew



I think these will work well, although i’m thinking of alternatives. As I plan on a full crew of Puppets i’d like themed bases. These work and were easy to make. Tutorial can be found here on You tube…

Anyway, here we are, a third of the month in and i’ve finished Collodi, base coated Vasilisa, Marionettes and the Wicked Dolls so i’m fairly ahead of schedule. I just need to knuckle down and concentrate. After all, there is no try, right?

Gertfaux Breakdown – Part 2

So, my second game loss against Martin Wodehouse gave me a game against Mr Malifaux, Mike Marshall, on table 7. This brought another new strategy in Bounty with the aim being to kill more things each turn than your opponent with the following points breakdown;

Minions-1 point

Enforcers-2 points

Henchmen-3 points

Masters-4 points

After totting up your kills in each turn the points were then added up, the person with the most scored 1VP. My thinking was this should be okay as i’d taken a crew largely full of minions thus not giving many easy points away. With the monstrous Illuminated (2 of), beckoner, tots, primordial magic, kade and barbaros were my only bigger points guys. We had close deployment and I was fearing a barrage of Guild bullets.

I won the flip and made Mike set up first which he put everything right up to the edge of the line. This actually suited me as it would give him less time to shoot me and Neverborn are pretty quick when need be. To make my job easier, he deployed his trapper in my half of the board. Thinking back on this, it was illegal for him to do so as technically it was now in my deployment zone, rather than 6inches away which my thoughts are about the skill from the shadows. Due to this, Pandora set up right next to him. After winning initiative Pandora duly obliged and killed the trapper with ease then walking and using her incite for a final walk. Mike then threw his Death Marshall forward. As he’d already declared breakthrough and plant evidence, I wasn’t sure what he was doing….it confused me a little, however the beckoner moved then lured Kade forward who later charged the death marshall killing him fairly easily (after using his upgrade to trigger sweetbreads (after dropping a card pre charge)). Only turn one and his crew was two activations down and although I wasn’t scoring bounty points, my reckoning was that it would then be harder for Mike to do this.

The game went on in this manner with the only true threats coming from McMourning himself and a very close call with Papa Loco nearly blowing up Kade (he left him on 1 wound).

My flips for the whole game were as freakily good, as Mike’s were terribly rotten. It was one of the games where my hand had nothing lower than 8’s and every flip I needed a card for I got. Mike on the other hand must have been using his Lynch deck as there seemed nothing but low cards. We’ve all been on both sides of those games and it’s not nice. Ah, the fickle hands of fate.


I ended up taking the game 8-3? (or close too) which left me facing a game against the Senior Winton on Table 4. He plays the Dreamer, another master i’d not yet faced but I was hoping he’d take some Neverborn things I was used to.

Aside from the Illuminated, his crew contained lots of things I was unaware of. Dreamweaver, Stitched Together, Dreamer, Day Dreams and later an insidious Madness. Despite taking a Stitched out the game fairly early on (which he promptly summoned another the very next action), I just couldn’t kill anything. I did score 2 points for Andy killing Tuco as i’d made him my sucker model. I was also able to score a few points for stake a claim and breakthrough but in the end, Andy’s summons against my depleted crew meant he just outscored me and took the game 7-6. Ah, so very close. Still, Andy, as with all my opponents on the day was a thoroughly nice chap, explaining as much as he could and frankly, this type of game is (almost) better than the actual result.

I did manage to score a set of bendyboards’ ( )crates which I will say are very easy to put together and look amazing. I’ll post a pic another day on those bad boy.

So, 2 wins and 2 losses (both fairly narrow) meant I was totally happy with the days events. Out of an originally planned 34 players, I finished a respectable 13th. Not unlucky for me.

However not all was happy with my performance. It came to light after that i’d been playing Pandora a little wrong. I’d, on a couple of occasions, used her Fading Memory trigger to push when an opponent lost a WP duel, however the exact wording is an opposed duel which only therefore effects either the Terrifying Tests or when Pandora uses her Incite action. I know I used it once, perhaps twice in each game (although to be honest, i’ve been playing Pandora aggressively so I prefer her in combat), but it did take some shine off matter. I suppose in my defence, i’m still new at Malifaux and even more so with Pandora. I reckon i’ve now played about 20-30 games of M2E over the space of 12-18 months perhaps which isn’t that much when you consider some of the top, top players are playing a couple of games a week, nonetheless, i’d like to apologise again publicly for my error and I hope when I replay some of the guys, the games go even smoother. We all make errors and as long as they are honest and dealt with correctly, i’d like to think we can all still enjoy gaming. I’m certainly looking forward to my next tournament which is Haul of Eggs in Milton Keynes with Lord Fezzington as my car buddy. I’ll be taking Pandora again in a similar size field although there once again looks like some top players. It’s going to be another experience that’s for sure.

Gertfaux – The Breakdown pt1.

Hello. As some of you may be aware if you follow this blog, I’ve been gearing up lately for a tournament in Bristol, Gertfaux, well this took place last weekend and four of us (DES, Zac and Andy) travelled up and back in the same day with varying results. It was my second third tournament since starting Malifaux, albeit only the second ranked tournament, and I was hoping for an improvement on my Wooden Spoon placing at Malifolk.

Leaving the house at 6am to round up my fellow gamer’s tired didn’t necessarily bode well however as the Schemes and Strategies had already been announced for the tournament there was an element of uncertainty taken out of the equation. They were as follows;


With two new Strategies from this year’s gaining grounds, it was going to generate some debate en route.

The journey was largely uneventful with us all planning/discussion crews for the first game aside from DES and Andy discussing fisting. I’m really not sure how the topic came up, or quite why it continued for so long, but it certainly set the bar low. Cheers chaps. We did recover however for some good debate about our first crew choices/schemes and I was nailed on for the first game.

We arrived at the venue with plenty of time to spare even after stopping for a cracking fry up at the riverside cafe in Bristol (BS44WW….thoroughly recommended). The venue itself was a held at Bristol Independent Gaming store. A large venue on an industrial estate. It looks as though it could easily cater for twice the amount of gamers we had if split between upstairs and downstairs. As there were 30 gamers planned for Gertfaux we were upstairs and aside from being a touch on the chilly side it was very well decked out with gaming tables et al.

Pretty much everyone who was going to turn up did so in good time. This allows the TO’s to get everyone sat at the respective table and ready to start on time. There were 4 no shows (not even a message) but this did not dampen the fun.

My first game was against a McCabe Ten Thunders (TT) crew, on table 6, which I was fairly happy about as i’d previously played some TT and knew some of the things I might face. Alex Hill, my first opponent, was a really nice chap. I’ve generally found this to be the case across the scene. It was his first game with McCabe. It’s hard going to a tourney not knowing what other people’s crews, let along your own. Still, he took some heavy hitters and Pandora was going to have her work cut out.

I took Line in the Sand and Breakthrough and declared them both. He took Breakthrough and didn’t declare the other.

I won’t go into the exact details but my tots sprinted well. Pandora and Kade did lot’s of killing and by turn 4 he had only got 2 points for cursed object. We called the game a 10-2 to me as i was moving towards all the other objects while scooping up lots of heads hunted. It’s a tricky strategy but I focussed on killing his crew memebers that were closest to the tokens, that way i’d be in great position to pick up the old token and the new one dropped. This focussed choice made the difference. Tot’s and Pandora are very capable of scoring the two schemes. A very good game enjoyed by us both.

One thing I took early from this game was that Pandora does better against the bigger hitters. Her CA7 which uses the damage track of the target is wasted against smaller minions etc. A valuable lesson for future games.

I didn’t really think about where my win was going to take me but eek, I was now on the top table against a very good player in Martin Wodehouse and Collette. I’d not played Collette before so if nothing else, it was going to be a learning experience.

I took Line in the Sand which I declared and took Plant Explosives. Martin declared LITS also. Now, I know I was a touch fortunate in this game as in the first two turns, he only managed to create one mechanical dove. He informed me this is as rare as rocking horse poop and was going to hinder him. I also took out his Mech rider which was spawning Metal Gamin and didn’t want to be out activated. Line in the sand started well and i’d gotten three down by turn two. With the Primordial Magic lining up to be the fourth, I was in a happy place. Martin was about to ruin my happy place when he finally managed to push, prod make fast via imbued energies and some general good cards to assassinate Pandora in turn 4 for 3 points. To make matters worse, we had both erred in Reconnoiter with some bad movements. I was hoping to take it with my LITS which he was seemingly delaying on and plant explosives. Now, even though I’ve played Plant Explosives quite a few times and found it an easy scheme to get at least 2 points from, I forgot the actual wording. In my mind, I needed to get scheme markers near his leader rather than just any model. Had I remembered this simply fact, I would have declared it in turn 3 with some of my LITS markers then spent two turns getting more down, instead I spend far too long chasing Collette with a Tot and Barbaros needlessly. A really silly mistake which ultimately cost me I think. In turn 5 his Performer got him the 4th scheme marker and he managed to pick on of mine up. Even though i’d not played Collette, in hindsight, focussing on my scheme pool a little more should have resulted in a much tighter game, as it was I lost it 7-2. A bit Schoolboy but hey, this is what the learning experience is for.

Martin was a great opponent, talking me through what his stuff did as much as possible in a tournament setting and i’m looking forward to a rematch at some point.

This result took my onto table 7 against Mike Marshall of Malifools fame. He was taking Guild McMourning who I knew he had a lot of experience with. This was going to be tough.


It’s an update Jim….but not as we know it.

Okay, so I was planning on updating y’all with the adventures of our little trip to Gertfaux at the weekend for the Malifaux tournament but, due to the good wife’s laptop failing and her needing to use the computer, i’ve been foiled. It’ll likely be a long post. So instead i’ve been busy finishing a nerd project. A short while ago I made a folding 3×3 table for Malifaux and it’s been needing some clasps and a handle so they went on tonight like so…













It tidies it up a bit and allows for far neater storage under the stairs. Is that all I hear you yell? No…..

So, after a bit of Ebay sniping, I picked up some model railway grass sheeting, enough of which to cover the playing surface so it is now ready to play some Malifaux and the soon to be release Guildball ( check it out here. )

Anyway, the result is this bad chap….I like it. Hope you do too.



A most excellent playing surface.

Finally, in honour of Spock’s passing this week.


Blogging ‘ell.

Hello Blogosphere. You may or may not have notices i’ve been absent without leave for a little while? No, oh dear…it’s awkward.

Well, i’ve not completely been doing nothing. Honest.

Infinity, upcoming Malifaux tournaments and scenery building are just some of the things that have been taking me time up recently. Last night I was fortunate enough to play host to two good chums, Zac and Sam for a game of Malifaux. As Zac and I are going to Gertfaux in Bristol next Saturday with DES we thought it a good idea to see the Headhunter strategy for the first time. Now, i’ll be honest, I didn’t read the new gaining ground document when it came out earlier this year…no, nor did you. Go check it out now and come back to me…..

Okay, now you’ve really taken a look, you will note that there are some new strats. This will undoubtedly add a new element to our gaming circle and will be very interesting to see how they play next week.

Headhunter, we know already, is the strategy for the first round game next week. It involves dropping a “headhunter” token when a model die’s 3 inches away and then whoever takes an interact action with the token can use it to score a point at the end of the round.

So Zac and Sam lined up their forces as follows (approximately. They will confirm I wasn’t paying total attention, but making Tea, Cheesy Garlic Bread, throwing amazing anecdotes in, drafting my 100 SS list for Gertfaux and showing Sam pics of the new GuildBall game).

Sam – Ophelia, Gracie, Lenny, Francois, Meris Lacrois, Slop Hauler and some bayou gremlins. Upgrades, as always, I forget. Oops.

Zac – Ramos, Howard Langston (miss step), Joss, electrical creation, Steam Arachnid, 2 Metal Gamin and Soulstone Miner

Schemes were LITS (Sam Declared), Breakthrough (Zac declared), Distract, Cursed Object and Spring the Trap.

The game was played to Tourney Time and immediately I was concerned we wouldn’t see Turn 4. Both crews have a lot of models and activations and therefore some of the schemes are redundant as it’d be very tough to get all three points from them. Still.

Turn 1 – Sam threw most things forward towards the centre line. Movement tricks aplenty with Gracie saddling up Lenny, Lenny throwing smaller Gremlins and Meris able to move and drop stuff almost for free (Sam forgot to discard cards when dropping the “free” marker but it didn’t effect the game so we won’t feed ‘im to the pigs). Zac did likewise creating 2 spiders from the scrap from the electrical creation.

Turn 2 – Zac brought the miner into play on the far edge, Sam nearly shot it to death with a gremlin who did a severe damage doubled up due to the dumb luck trigger. 6 wounds but due to armour, it held on. The resultant wounds (after a previous ricochet) were enough to finish off the gremlin. Gracie charged into the middle of combat. Ramos made three more spiders. Meris dropped a million scheme markers and at the end of the turn Sam had 4 markers on the centre line. I’m not sure how that could be combatted….lure Meris perhaps. Interesting to ponder for future games. There was a headhunter token on the table but no one could pick it up…iirc.

Turn 3 – Lots of killing in the centre, both scored a headhunter point, soulstone minor dropped a token and with magnetism, a gamin dropped another one. Zac was on for breakthrough. Sam dropped some more with Meris and a gremlin to get his own breakthrough and scored a headhunter point.

As predicted, the game ended here timewise with Sam taking it 6-5. I may have missed a point somewhere but on the face of it, it appears very hard to score headhunter. You don’t want to shoot the oppo crew as the enemy can pick up their own fallen “heads”. get in close though and everyone is interacting with each other and therefore it becomes hard to pick them up. Some of this will come down to crew match ups but next week will be interesting.

Pandora can generally get through turns a bit quicker as first round is generally a couple of tot sprints….moves etc so I think it lends to Breakthrough and Spring the Trap (oppo master dependent)….we will see of course.

I will hope to do a Mammoth blog after next weeks games to let y’all know how I fare and hopefully i’ll have some more accurate info.